We’ll be using a platform called WordPress which is used worldwide by some of the biggest companies and celebrities such as Forbes, Mashable, Jay Z, eBay, Katy Perry, just to name a few! By the end of this video you’re going to be a pro at using WordPress and you will have THIS blog as your very own, customized to how you want it with your own blog posts. And don’t worry if you haven’t got any images or content yet I’ll help you out with that a little later, because every image you see here I’ll be giving you to use on your own blog!

And I understand you might feel a little overwhelmed or think you won’t be able to do this, but YOU WILL, and in only just over an hour too, this will be your blog. Because I’ll be showing you every step to creating this, you’ll get the hang of it quickly and you’ll see it’s actually easy! And if you ever need to pause the video please do, have a stretch a breather and then continue with it, it’s very quick to get this done, so are you ready?

Grab a drink and a snack, get comfortable and let’s start creating your blog!

I’ve created a simple system to creating your blog so in just 4 easy steps you’ll have your blog live on the internet! No gimmicks and no overwhelm, just 4 steps and you’ll have this done! So what will you be doing in the next 4 steps and what can you expect to achieve?

Let’s take a look at that now!

Step 1 is all about registering your new blogs address also known as your domain name. You’ll learn what a Domain name is, how to register one, and tips on the best practices when choosing one. Just like buying a house and having an address so friends and family can visit, your blog address is there so people can visit your blog! We’ve also got a great little coupon code which will reduce the cost even more. Then you’ll install WordPress to your new domain!

In Step 2 you’re going to be amazed how your new blog looks, because we’ll be installing a new theme which will transform the look and feel of your blog! And again it takes just a few clicks to do this! You’ll get to know what a theme is and be introduced to your new theme and how to install and activate it, then we’ll take a sneak peek at how it looks.

In Step 3 you’ll start creating the foundations of your blog and get it online. You will learn the ins and outs of your new theme, create the different sections for your blog, such as your About Page and a Contact Page so visitors can carry on the conversation and connect with you. It grows trust in you and expands peoples’ awareness for what you’re doing. You’re going to have lots of fun in this step watching your blog come to life because you’ll also be creating your first blog posts!

Having a blog really gives you the opportunity to deeply connect and talk to your audience about the things that matter to them the most – it also builds and establishes the know like and trust factor with them. You can do this by giving your audience regular fresh and relevant content which speaks to their interests and fulfills their wants and needs. Don’t worry if you haven’t written before or don’t want to, I’ll tell you some great resources that you can use to get this done for you!



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